Batteries: Recharged

My parents have this cabin even further up in the mountains than we live. Once you drive an hour from our place into More Of Nothing, you reach the base of a particular mountain and drive one mile up. There is no leveling out at places as you drive, it's just up. My mom walked this road home from school every day as a child. In snow. My great granddad rode a bicycle down this road once and lost completely control, nearly killing himself as he wrapped the bike around a tree. It's out of the way, this cabin. And not convenient to anything. But oh, the bliss of the place.

Micah will insist that everyone take off their shoes and stay a while. He'll neatly line them up at the door.

The sunrise in the morning is inspiring.

The kids just naturally get along a little bit better there.

The lanes are begging to be explored.

The restful quiet is exactly what one needs when life gets overwhelming.

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Michelle said...

My family nowhere in our history has ever been in one place for anywhere near that long. Your great grandad? Your grandmother? That's awesome. So glad you had a great weekend!