The Highlight of My Day Was Walking Away

Today I realized that Micah's iPod touch has been missing for a while. I figured that since mine was not really working I'd use his. This prompted a deep house cleaning when a superficial glance into every room produced nothing. I moved furniture, vacuumed the couch, emptied toy bins, and found nada. I'll now be forced to clean kids' rooms and the basement.

Also today I lost a credit card that I eventually found as a bookmark in my latest read. (People, I need an intervention here, obviously.)

Today the school called and said that Micah was sick. I had grand plans of spending the day totally alone and by myself (and maybe, just maybe, even napping) but that turned into a day of Micah and Me. We had a great day together cleaning. It was nice, except for the fact that I had a bag of biohazard in the laundry room and no laundry soap to wash it with. Of course I didn't know that when I was in town picking Micah up.

Today my sister called to say that there's a stray pony running amok.  (Welcome to the Rocking Pony world. It's like the Twilight Zone here. We dont' get stray cats or dogs, it's ponies and cows.) Figuring that ponies can't run through the 'hood, I spent an hour trying to catch him. He was a pretty little thing, and obviously tame. Just determined not to be caught. I could pet him, but not get a rope around him. It was a  glorious hour in the warm afternoon sunshine, petting a pony. Relaxing, even. And then I decided that I wasn't going to catch him and went home.

The highlight of my day was that moment. Do you know how nice it is to be able to walk away from a problem and realize that you're not responsible for solving it? Very nice, that's how nice. And then it was just icing on the cake when I watched the owners chase that pony for another hour. Once again, it wasn't my problem.
It's the little things that really make my day.

*Yes, people. I'm aware that these are cows and not a pony. These cows were highly amused by the antics of said pony, though. Cows are easily entertained.


imbeingheldhostage said...

Whew, glad you told us those weren't ponies, I could have looked VERY silly ;-)
Credit cards for bookmarks? Heck yeah.
I get what you're saying. I had to chant to myself yesterday to let something go that wasn't my problem. It's heartbreaking, it's horribly sad for the family, but my being sick and losing sleep over it is a waste.
Now if we could only to learn to walk away from things we are meant to solve...

Shellie said...

You can tell the cows are amused. So nice to walk away, I felt relaxed just reading about it.