Innovation Never Looked So Good

Wednesday is my standing lunch date with Micah. I pick him up from school for speech therapy at Easter Seals, and we grab lunch while we're out since he misses it. Despite the fact that this happens right smack dab in the middle of my Wednesday so that I can neither get much done before nor after, I love it.

Today the therapist suggested that Micah hit a plateau and it might be beneficial to take a break for a while. I had to concur. I'm not sure that he hit a plateau - it would be more accurate to say that he's not progressed at all since he started there three years ago. I don't blame the therapist; it's more Micah. The boy just does what he wants to do. Partly because he's saddled with such handicaps that it's incredibly difficult for him to speak and he can't progress well, and partly because he's stubbornness personified. He'll do what he wants and nothing more, thankyouverymuch.

It was agreed that we'd take a break and assess what goes on. This wasn't without a struggle in the thought process though. I mean, on the one hand all that said in the previous paragraph is true. On the other, the boy is still nonverbal and I have a hard time justifying a lack of services to help him. What kind of a mom would I be?

But he does have his Voice. And he uses it more and more. Take today for instance. We ate lunch at Burger King (hey, we have mere minutes to snarf lunch, don't criticize) and Micah got a crown. That crown was his pride and joy. He insisted on wearing it back to school at drop off. He proudly carried his Voice, held up to his face, admiring his reflection in the black screen of the turned-off device.

That's my boy, being all smart and innovative.

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Michelle said...

Gotta love his creativity. Bummer on the lack of progress. I have to wonder what he'll think now about not getting lunch with you weekly.

And what IS it about middle of the day Wednesday speech? That's the same for Mister Man, and it completely messes with my day.