And The List Goes On

More ways to lose your sanity at the holidays. Check these out.

1. Reindeer humping. Apparently it's all the teen rage, and my head is exploding with the whole "you can't do that, it's a cousin to vandalism" speech that I give every third day during the holiday season.

2. Sewing machines on the fritz. Two of them. Broken. Because I have so much work to do and looming deadlines. All I can say is thank goodness for borrowed machines. That work.

3. Failing to latch the back hatch of the Suzuki after getting groceries. That gallon of milk and mega bag of cereal laying in the middle of the road would be ours. I'm just glad that's all we lost, but for crying out loud if I was going to waste $10 I'd far rather have given it to someone randomly to add joy to the holidays.

4. Scheduling family times for the holiday, working around Sam's schedule. Why yes, he does work Christmas day. People are sick on holidays, too.

5. Puppies! Granted, they're not any kind of stress at this point in their wee little lives, but we have them. And yes, I'm bragging. I have puppies! Oh, the fun, fun stress reliever those things are.

Ahhhhh. I have puppies.


Leanne said...

Cool. And your list only had FIVE things on it. You're doing well. Oh, and I think I should get us a puppy... :)

I Am Boymom said...

Hey! You left a comment on my blog like a YEAR or so ago and I've kind of been a lurker, stopping by your blog now and then , but never leaving a comment. I can't promise to stop by regularly, but I'll do my best to check in from time to time, 'cuz I so get you. It's like I'm talkin' to my sister.

Hope the puppies keep you sane through the holidays.

Flea said...

Reindeer humping? I'm afraid to google it.