I'm Thinking It's Not in a Box

Inside my head, I know that Christmas is 3 days away. Other than that little fact, though, I'm clueless. None of the holiday wonder has seeped through, nor the excitement of seeing the kids' faces on Christmas morning. I blame the extreme Busy that I have going on, and I hate it. This is the first year this has ever happened to me. I'll be honest here and tell you that I'm hating it.

Tomorrow I vow to find the merry. It'll be late in the season, but still in time for the holiday.

I will revel in the fact that God shared the birth of His Son to shepherds first, and completely disregarded the fact that kings were waiting His birth as well.

I will rejoice with the angels, singing on high, proclaiming that Christ is here.

I will wonder with Mary at the miracle that has taken place.

I will find Christmas, from the inside out.


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