It's Now a Full House

We have a collection of plush Disney stockings. There is one for each member of the family, and an extra for the dogs. We started this collection when we visited Disneyland way back in '97 at Christmas. (In hindsight, one should never visit the parks at the Christmas holiday. OOOOOHHHH my word.)

Since we had 2 more kids since that Christmas of '97, we've had to buy more stockings. Ebay was our friend in finding exactly what we needed. But here's the thing: while we have a stocking for everyone, we lack a Woody stocking. I know it would be an extra, but it would so fit into our family. And plus, Micah neeeeeds a Woody stocking.

Yes, needs.

But while I've found this,


and even this,

none of them matched our other stuffed-heads-atop-the-stocking stockings. We were looking for one to go with our collection, that looks like this:

So Sam had this genius idea to decapitate the head of a Woody that lost an arm, and sew it onto a stocking. Luckily, I have more stockings than Micah has Woody dolls. AND I can sew. The man is genius.

Micah will love it. Our collection is complete.

So my question is, why, Disney, did you not do this yourself? Would it really have been that hard? 


AZ Chapman said...

nice stocking I loved toy story growing up and like mich I liked Woody

Carol N. said...

Watch out, Karen, Disney might commission you!

Brandie said...

I see a job offer from Disney in your future!!

wendy said...

What a great idea! Micah will love it! Have a great weekend.