On the Third Day of Christmas We Were Banned From Dunhams

Micah has been getting up earlier and earlier in the mornings. I don't know what ails the kid. Last weekend he was up at 5 in the AM. Five. If Why is the question, I'm looking for someone to tell me the answer. You'd think that with this kind of overtired going on, we'd have the good sense to not take Micah on an all day shopping trip.

We lack good sense.

The last store of the day (which wasn't planned to be our last one at the time) was Dunham's Sports. It's a fun kind of store for kids, and one where I can entertain Micah for quite a while, allowing others to shop. When the boy found the golf ball aisle he thought he was in little boy heaven. He found a bucket of colored foam ones and wouldn't let go of them. I figured that if he carried them around, his hands would be occupied and he's stay out of trouble.

I have poor reasoning skills.

I realized the error of my thought process when I heard Micah's voice. It wasn't from the next aisle, or from behind me, or even from the other end of the store. It was all over the store. Turning around, I saw Micah holding a phone up to his ear, making a public service announcement to the shoppers at Dunham's.

Why would someone put a phone at Micah's eye level? He didn't even have to reach up to push buttons and pick up the receiver. I am pushing off the blame for that unintelligible announcement on the store.

As we were in the checkout line, Micah kept inching toward the door. Keeping a close eye on him, I realized that he was acting weirdly. He'd walk back, then forth, then back again, and stop and twirl. It was then that I realized that he saw himself on the surveillance television. We were clearly caught on tape, and there was no getting out of that store unrecognized. I turned back to the cashier and was transacting business when Becky hung her head and groaned.

It takes a lot to mortify our kids. We live with Micah.

The boy was on the floor making snow angels. Without snow. Watching himself on the screen of the television above his head. It was awesome.



Flea said...

That. Is. GREAT!!! You have the best boy in the world. :)

Mary said...

Love it! Would have loved to see the customers listening to the announcements on the PA.

Blogget Jones said...

This whole thing would have made me laugh with delight! The complete honesty of children's behavior. I love it!

:o) BJ

utmomof 5 said...

Love that boy :) Makes me smile just thinking about it!

I thought of you and Micah the other day while at Target. I saw a Dad with his son. The son had Down Syndrome and was probably 11 or 12. The son had his hands FULL of about 8 Woody dolls. It made me smile!!! Totally thought of Micah