The Snuggie Gang

The kids had been asking to open a gift on Christmas Eve for years. We've always been Open On Christmas Morning kind of people. But this year, we decided to break tradition. I chose which gift for them each to open. They were giddy with excitement, and tore into the gifts eagerly.


The boys got Snuggies, so by the time Becky got her box opened, she knew exactly what she'd gotten as well. She rocks the feigned excitement like nobody else can.

It's a Snuggie! (She said sarcastically)

Micah tried hard to put his on, but it proved more difficult than it looked.

Trying to Put on a Snuggie

And it just kept getting worse. The poor boy was eaten alive by the Snuggie.

And Eaten Alive

Being as it was the only time the kids would ever wear their Snuggies (gag gifts rock!), I figured it was a perfect photo op. I have to have proof that my children wore Snuggies at one point in time. Things like that are good to keep on hand for future boyfriend/girlfriend occasions. Leverage, n'at.

We got Snuggies for Christmas. Gee, thanks, Mom.

Leave it to my kids to take the moment and turn it around. While other kids would have been all "are you done yet? Can we take these things off now?" mine were all "Thumbs up, man!" and "Ka-chow!" (complete with weird karate chop moves).

The Snuggie Gang

The Snuggie. Well worth the $5 we paid for them.


Roger said...

Oh and do they ever look good in them!!! Glad they worked out so well for you. :)

CanadianMama said...

Oh shut up! That is awesome!!

Leanne said...

Warmth. I love it! Merry memories!!

the planet of janet said...

that? is a moment to treasure.

Anonymous said...

You never know they MIGHT wear them again. We open Christmas ornaments on Christmas Eve. The kids get one each year. When they move out they will at least be able to decorate their own tree. ;-) Kerchow

Burgh Baby said...

It looks to my like Becky enjoyed that whole thing a little bit too much. I think she really did want a Snuggie. ;-)

Dolli-Mama said...

That is so funny! I love it! Your kids are super cute!

I found you on Blogher and I'm glad I did! :)

Flea said...

Becky so rocks the Snuggie. Mae got one this year, too and enjoys hers. What the heck is up with that?