When You're 10, Life is So Uncomplicated

So today is Luke's big birthday. The double digits. And now we officially have a tween in the house again. (That starts at 10, right?)

Luke is the one kid that puts a lot of stock in gifts. The other kids are more into quality, but Luke is all about quantity. In fact, the $5 gift card we got him to Dollar Tree was one of his favorite gifts. (Oh, to be 10 again.)

So to while away time one evening, I asked Luke to write down everything that he'd like to do on his birthday, if he could choose to do whatever he wanted. Being a creative kid, I expected things like "fly a helicopter" and "draw cartoons for Disney." Instead, here's what he dreamed of doing on his birthday.

1. Eat bacon and eggs for breakfast.
2. Go to the penny candy store in Pittsburgh.
3. Eat at Red Robin.
4. Have a scavenger gift for my gift.
5. Eat macaroni and cheese and hot dogs for dinner.
6. The family sings Happy Birthday and we have cake and ice cream.
7. Go to bed after watching TV.

For real? That is what a 10 year old boy dreams of? Hot dogs and macaroni and cheese? Watching TV and going to bed?

Can I be 10 again?

And of all the gifts we gifted to the kid, his hands down very favorite A#1 gift was a party favor pack of pirate eye patches. They were a hit with the whole family, actually. After Micah realized that they weren't tree ornaments, he loved them as well. We still have one hanging on the tree.


Flea said...

Oh that's hysterical!!! I want mac and cheese now! And pirate eye patches! Sounds like Luke's a great candidate for Archie McPhee gifts for Christmas.

Flea said...

I'm guessing he'd LOVE these: http://www.mcphee.com/shop/products/Handerpants.html

utmomof 5 said...

Totally stealing the Dollar tree gift card idea :)
Seriously, can we all be 10 again?

imbeingheldhostage said...

Ten is perfect! I love his sweet simple answers.
Happy birthday Luke!!!

Becoming Mommy said...

The Buddhists say all suffering is born of desire. Maybe that's why kids are so happy...they don't really experiance desire to the degree that adults do.

Burgh Baby said...

Now THAT is a list worth fulfilling!

Trisha said...

Happy Birthday to Luke. Those eye patches sounds like a good gift for folks of any age!

I like the ten year old day for his birthday - it sounds like a lot of fun.

Knifty Thrifty said...

Well Red Robin is a pretty good place to eat on your birthday. I sang many many many MANY Happy Birthdays when I worked there!

Happy Birthday do your little man!

Leanne said...

Aww. How sweet is he? He really is a perfect ten. Happy Birthday Luke!

wendy said...

Love the gift card idea!! Happy Birthday to Luke!

Brandie said...

There's a penny candy store in Pittsburgh? In the strip?

Happy Big 10 Luke!!

JennyH said...

Oh my goodness. so sweet and innocent.

Happy late birthday to Luke!!