Kid Tested, And Approved

We retired a few of our corgis last fall, so out of necessity we needed to replace them. We were going to keep two puppies out of our current litter for that very reason, but a puppy came up for sale from another kennel that looked incredibly promising, so we made the purchase. (And we'll only be keeping one from our current litter. Follow how that works?)

Being as that we have 3 dogs in the house at all times, plus the corgi mom who will be in all winter with us now, Becky voiced the question on whether or not Micah would even notice that we have another dog in the house with us, and if so, how long would it take him.

I said that he'd notice, and right away, because he's my boy. He loves corgis. They are his favoritest dogs in the whole wide world. Or at least from the choices that we have here. I was right.

Micah was away when I brought Stella home, so when he came in he immediately noticed a smaller corgi running amidst the pack and honed in to claim her as his own.


He posed with her, and carried her around like he would any new toy.

my new puppy

The unfortunate part was that it was his bedtime, so he couldn't spend hours getting to know his new friend like he wanted. Never fear, though, he had a solution. He'd take Stella to bed with him.

wave goodnight

He set her on the bed, then tried covering her up.


I'd say that Micah approves wholeheartedly of the new addition.


Drea said...

Karen that dog is SO CUTE!!! it reminds me of my aunts old dog molly who passed away a good 10 years ago. So precious!

Roger said...

I love the expression on Stella's face. Priceless! I hope she is very productive for you, worse case, Micah has a new best friend. :)

Flea said...

Man alive. A corgi is my next dog, then. Flash and Patches will be nine in a couple of months and we're hoping they make it to 14 or 15. I'll be talking to you in about three years, maybe? Let the big dogs break them in. :)

Carol N. said...

Micah looks so proud holding Stella - love the photos!

Trisha said...

Love the new addition to your family. Apparently, Micah does too!

Anonymous said...

What a pair those two make! I love that Micah immediately scooped her up for bed - I wouldn't mind a snuggle or twelve from a little love like that!