Number 8, Done

Micah had his 8th set of ear tubes placed today. I wasn't at all sure it was the right thing to do since my entire reasoning behind the surgery was to get more out of sedation than a tooth extraction. (Proof positive that you can take frugal just a little too far.) Turns out my trepidation was unfounded. It might have been lack of sleep that I was feeling instead. The good Doc said that he had serious need of tubes and from what I understood of her I'm-Trying-to-Talk-Medical-To-A-Layman-ese, it's a wonder he didn't have hearing problems. Or permanent damage done. There's also a name for what he suffers from, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. Something to do with the middle ear. I think. Or maybe not. Middle Ear Disease? Is that really something?

See that part where I'm lacking sleep. It applies.

But the good news is that these tubes are to stay in until they're physically removed. Of course, that's pretty much what the others were to do and they lasted a whopping 4 months, but I am an incurable optimist and am hoping that we get a few years out of them at least.

In other news, this surgery was done at the local hospital and we were incredibly impressed with the whole thing. For being first-timers in dealing with Micah, they were more than glad to listen to the knowledgeable parents, and when I said Micah needed un-IV'd and un-banded, they complied instantly. That pretty much toned the screaming to nonstop fussing. We were all happier for it, and he was released in record time.

The Joys of Puppy Ownership


Flea said...

Wow! Awesome! It's always a relief (and near miraculous) when the med staff listens. Praise God!

Did the new puppy get to the TP while you were gone?

Annette W. said...

I'm pretty sure that tomorrow we'll be told tubes are in our very near future for our son. I think I have accepted it...

I truly understand that it's normal for so many children. I just didn't wnat to deal with "one more thing." We've dealt with a fair amount in the past four years. But we're okay now.

Glad to hear the hospital was what you needed!

Trisha said...

It is good to hear that everything went well. Here is hoping that those tubes stay in this time!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! I am so glad it went well and that there was a need for them (well, not that there was a need for them, but that you were not acting frugally.) I hope that this pair lasts a very, very long time!