Fitting In

Micah has been a walking billboard for my shirts for the past 4 years now. The funny thing about this is that he prefers any other shirt to wear. His screen printed Toy Story one, the one with Spiderman on the chest - you know, store bought things. Things that other kids wear.

For the class Christmas party, Micah's teacher ordered matching shirts for the students. I stitched a snowman on red shirts, and personalized each with the kid's initial. They were the same, but unique. And they were a huge hit. Because of the snowman design, it's perfectly acceptable to wear them after Christmas, and the kids do.

When Micah's snowman shirt came out of the laundry the other week, he insisted on wearing it right away. And again when it was rewashed. And if he has a choice of whatever he can wear on a particular day, he'll choose that red snowman shirt if it's in his drawer.

Suddenly mama's shirts are cool, because everyone is wearing them. It's not that Micah doesn't like them, it's that he wants to be like everyone else. Fitting in is so important when you're very different.



Cindy said...

Fitting in is important for everybody I think. But especially for our kids.

Roger said...

That's so sweet. I'm sure he is very proud to see his momma's shirts being worn by his friends in class.