If You Want the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift, Just Buy It Yourself. Or Something Akin to That.

Sam and I aren't the romantic type. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day or our anniversary. We'll buy each other cards (if we remember) and we try to go out to eat, just the two of us (at the uber upscale Ruby Tuesday). But really, that's the extent of things. This drives our daughter cRAzY.  She, the victim of teenage hormones, cannot fathom being mushy-less and unromantic.

Of course we love to bring up our total lack of romance when around her. It's just too funny to see her eyes rolls and her brain short circuit.

While shopping today, the super discount grocery store had roses for $4. They were not only alive, but beautiful. I got myself two bunches of them. Becky arranged them for me while I put groceries away.

Sam came home from getting coal just after this, and I thought I'd better bring up the $8 arrangement before he assumed I spent way more money than I should have. "The roses were $4 at the grocery store, and my dear husband got me some for Valentine's Day," I said.

"I hear he's a great guy that way," he replied. "I blew a tire out getting coal. The bad thing is that I borrowed a friend's trailer. My wife bought him a new tire for me for Valentine's."

"Well aren't we just the epitome of romance?"

And the daughter rolled her eyes.



Anonymous said...

lol, well I think that's just the way it goes once you have kids. My husband and I get out about once a year "alone." Other than that our two are always right there with us.

Karen said...

Bridget - that's the beauty of having teens. Becky babysits for us if we want to get out for an evening.

Dina said...

I would be happy with your perfect arrangement in my life. But my hubby goes over the top every holiday or anniversary. I know, I should be grateful. But the best gift would be having no expectations on giving or getting a gift. I would, however LOVE to go out on a date, without my kids. Sigh.

mommaof4wife2r said...

love it...and you know, i want a good hubs all year, so valentine's day is totally not important to me. is that crazy?

Allison Says said...

Ha, I LOVE it. Honestly, when you've been together for more than a few years? Romance just isn't the same. Zach and I like to have special nights out now and then, but not like when we were first together.

Maybe I'll just buy myself something and tell him that he got it for me. I like your method :)

Karen Deborah said...

I thought we were the only ones!!!
That do both as in forget the anniversaries...like all of them.

Roger said...

Becky will learn over time. :) Sam's a lucky man, a new tire!! For oneupmanship, I think I will give Jenni four. :D

Shellie said...

See, you got him the most expensive gift in the end, isn't that just typical? Gotta love it!