There's a Lot to Show For All That Growth

Micah was so thin for so long - as in years and years - that when he started filling out it was quite a shock to us. The fact that he just kept growing (both up and out) has been a lot to get used to. Our wallet just isn't keeping up very well. Micah's clothing size was about 2 numbers below his age, and now his shirt is pushing 2 numbers above it. This happened in just 18 months.

The irony of all this is the fact that we have older boys, and the jeans can't be handed down. Luke is a Slim, preferably with an adjustable waist to pull it even tighter. This was perfect for the Before Micah. The After Micah now needs Husky, a size larger than he normally wears, with adjustable waist so that we can let them out. We also now need to roll his jeans up halfway to his knees because his waist is considerably bigger than his leg length. It's probably easy to understand why we love elastic waist pants for the boy. A whole lot of stretch to fit around his middle, or it can suck in to hug him if you buy them large.

But one thing that has irked us more than anything about this growth spurt is his back crack. It seems that whether he's wearing jeans or sweats, shorts or pants, boxers or briefs, he has a crack showing that probably shouldn't be. We've tried bigger pants, smaller pants, belts, pulling pants up higher, and lots of combinations of the above. The results are still Too Much Crack. It's been determined that his big belly sits low enough to make his pants ride low. If they're low in front, they're also low in back. This results in back crack. (My boy is not a plumber, thankyouverymuch.)

So we're just declaring to the entire world, right here and right now, that we're not happy about the boy's back crack. We pull up his pants fifteen bajillion seventeen times a day (or is it an hour?) and we hope that the pants will hide what they're meant to for more than 2.3 minutes before slipping below the crack line again. We're sorry if you find it offensive, and we want you to know that we do, too. But please understand that there is absolutely zero that we can do about this. Trust us, we've tried, and we wish things were different in that aspect. Thank you for your understanding and lack of judgement in this area. We appreciate it.



Leanne said...

Ha! I find this hilarious! Thank you for making me laugh out loud and for the warning!

Flea said...

Longer shirts, mom. Longer shirts. Or maybe a cape.

imbeingheldhostage said...

A cape is a brilliant idea Flea!

Karen said...

Flea & Imbeingheldhostage - Let's just say that the Easter Bunny is genius.

Carol N. said...

suspenders? With the cape?

Love to Micah.

(How is his thyroid by the way? Could that be an explanation for the change in his weight?)

Karen Deborah said...

Overalls--my little girl called them overgirls or overboys... all it takes is a couple of farmer video's or something to see if he likes them. considering they have no pressure on the belly and are wider anyway the length works out pretty well. Also drawstring pants work out pretty good or elastic. do you sew?

JennyH said...

Max has the same build I think. Big belly but short legs!

He wears elastic pants since he can't do button and zips yet. Here lately he has preferred the jeans. Jeans with an elastic waist. whenever I find any I snatch up a few hoping they fit him good. I think he has noticed other kids his age wear jeans more often than he does.

he is hard to buy pants for. I also usually have to hem the bottom instead of rolling them half way up. Before the winter came I bought him about 6 pants that all needed hemmed. I did so and about a month later they were all high waters. grrr. But at least I guess he's growing up rather than out!!

Have fun finding something that cover that butt crack!