Lets Hope Stupid Can Be Unlearned

Mom, I don't understand this. It says, "Frown is a four letter word." But frown has five letters. It doesn't make sense.

The lesson we learned today is that knowledge does not automatically come with age. This tidbit is brought to us by the brand new 16 year old in the house. Also disconcerting is that fact that her best friend has no clue what the phrase "mums the word" means.

Either I'm older than I realize, or the upcoming generation is scarier than any hatched yet.



HalfAsstic.com said...

Noooooo. you had it right the first time. NOT you being old... Just that knowledge doesn't come naturally with age. Knowledge comes naturally with experience. And it just takes age to get that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I had this same thought last week after chatting with my nearly-14-year-old neighbor. In some ways, she knows WAY more than I ever knew at that age, but in others? I think that more than a few years will pass before she catches on in other areas.

Annette W. said...

I'm nearly 35...but I don't know what Mum's the word means. (Go to Mom for all things?)

Enlighten me.