S'Mores Pops

I saw these on the wonderful world wide web (I can't remember if it was someone else's blog, or a Google search for a picture) and we made them for a take-in snack for Micah's birthday last week. People, they're about fourteen kinds of amazing. And so simple that even I can make them.

Start by spearing marshmallows onto a stick. We used barbecue skewers because we had them on hand. Anything would work, really, or nothing at all if you just use a fork, then set them on their bottoms to dry.


Lacking a photo, you'll need to melt chocolate to dip them into. We found a cup of melting chocolates at the grocery store that you just pop into the microwave. Perfect. But we did learn that this is a very hands-on project. If you simply dip them, the chocolate will be too thick and will mess up the next step. To correct this problem, we dipped the tops into the chocolate, then used a finger to wipe the chocolate down over the sides. It worked like a dream. (I made Becky do the messy part. One couldn't photograph the process while doing it, of course.)


Then immediately roll the chocolate covered fun into crushed graham crackers. We poked the sticks into a vase filled with golf balls to hold them upright to dry. (What? They were for Micah. And they were his golf balls. He was happy.)


Yumminess galore. Our family debated long into the evening whether they were actually better than real s'mores, or just as good. We ran out of test material before we came to a final conclusion.

s'mores pops


CanadianMama said...

Oh YUM! Love this idea!

Anonymous said...

Y.U.M.M.Y. Those look awesome! And I love that you get all the taste of a s'more with a lot less mess!

Cindy said...

Such a great idea! They look SO good!

HalfAsstic.com said...

Wonderful idea! And I have to say, I get they're a lot less messy than the other kind of smores!