A Sure Sign of Spring

Spring is here. I know it's not officially not here until next week, but as far as I'm concerned, it's here. The snow finally melted, and we have none on our four acres anywhere. This is epic, really, because generally we're one of the last to melt off. Despite persistently cold temps, precipitation is rain and not snow. My daffodils are poking their green shoots up. And the birds are riotously singing in the trees. The other day I counted no less than a dozen robins in our pear tree. It was so wonderful.

Most of all, I know spring is here because of the time change. Once again, Micah changed his internal clock all on his own and continues to get up at 6:30 without missing a beat.

How? How do kids do that? And why?



Trisha said...

Happy Spring! The automatic self-setting kid clock - totally mystifies me because my kitties have no such thing!

Karen Deborah said...

He must know how to tell time and he's not letting on.