Tweedle Dee and Tweedle, Too

The corgi pups. While tons of fun and cute, too, the fact that they're still working on the concept of housebreaking is driving me to the breaking point. This post is to remind myself that when I separate their messes from the equation, they really do make me smile.


Playing, puppy style.


What? Who? No, really, it's HER.


Yes! All mine.


And still, there's carnage left in their wake. Also, we've discovered that a stuffed animal is the best puppy toy ever. All these years, and we never knew that. Don't we feel dumb.



Carol N. said...

:o) We learned that stuffies are puppy buddies pretty quick. Charlie keeps stealing Aidan's stuffies and puts them in his bed. I give them back to Aidan, only to find he gives them right back to Charlie.

Ahh, the generous boy and his stuffy-hound dog.

Becoming Mommy said...

this is the one thing I have loved about having a portie pod. As AWEFUL as she has been, the potty training took 3 days. 3 DAYS!!!

Trisha said...

How cute are those puppies! They are adorable enough to overlook the "mistakes" they make!

Karen Deborah said...

Your killing me. I want one. Roman needs a play mate.

Viv said...

My youngest girl (Lily, 4 year old AmStaff) frequently goes on search and destroy missions for stuffed animals and other toys. It is picking up all the stuffing that kills me. Otherwise, she makes a lovely excuse for the lack of Barbie and other dolls in our home.