Backpacks Carry a Lot of Baggage

When Micah started going to preschool, I made him a backpack. It was corduroy, of several different colors. I appliqued a star onto the front pocket. I love that thing. He carried it through two years of preschool and started kindergarten with it. It's smaller than a regular pack - sized just right for a toddler and early learner. Even now, its the perfect size to hold my second grader's daily notebook and his 3.5 pound Voice. But while it's absolutely wonderful for his second grade gear, Micah is outgrowing it. I noticed a few weeks ago that it was difficult for him to get his arms in the straps, even though he insisted on wearing it anyway. And today I saw that one of the straps was ripping. It needs replaced, and quickly.

Last year, Micah went through a spell where he refused to carry his mom-made backpack. He insisted that he carry something more like the other kids were carrying - like the Lightning McQueen one he had for an overnight pack to Grandma's. I wasn't too happy about that little period of his life. You'd think it would be because he shunned something that I made him for something store-bought, but you'd be wrong. It was very much so because my baby was setting aside yet one more little boy thing and preferring to take another step toward big boy land.

My boy just keeps growing up.

So now that Micah needs a new backpack, I'm faced with some decisions. Do I get him a character pack like another Cars, or Woody? He loved his Cars pack, but the character ones aren't made for durability, as we learned the hard way. The one he had last year died a quick death once loaded with his Voice and toted daily. The other option is to go with durability and get him the lifetime guaranteed ones from L.L. Bean like the other boys are carrying. I know that's the wiser choice, but I just can't do it.

People, my boy might be growing up, but he's just too little to carry a big backpack like that. It'll swallow him up.

Of course, Luke has the Bean Jr. sized pack, and it's smaller for smaller boys. Maybe Micah would be able to tote it, and it would fit him better than the mom-made with the too-tight straps (that are tearing from the strain).

But it's so plain, and not cute or fun. A solid color just screams grown-up big-boy. My boy is not that. He still loves Woody and Lightning McQueen. He plays with Matchbox cars and reads toddler books. Would he like a plain pack? Would I?

In reality, I'm pretty sure that Micah is very much ready for a big boy pack, but the problem lies in the fact that I am not. Hold me while I cry over the loss of my baby. Who gave him permission to grow up again?



Mary said...

I can't believe how fast they all grow up. You might look at lands end too. They had a few sizes and a little bit of design so they weren't quite so plain and adult looking. Always more selection for the girls but isn't that always the case.

superstarBJR said...

I had the same LL Bean backpack all through high school and then I took it to college. I loved how durable that backpack was but I wasn't a fan of how plain it was. I sewed patches all over it. Maybe that would help make it customizable for Miccah :)