Picking and Choosing My Future Memories

Motherhood knows no privacy. It begins with pregnancy, when every doctor and their assistant want a peek at your nether regions. From there, you'll never have a private moment in your life. Or at least until the kids are grown and out of the house. And maybe not even then.

Just the other morning, I was leaning over the bathtub washing my hair (what? You've never done that in a pinch to save time?) when Becky walked in to use the facilities. (Because we don't have two other bathrooms in the house.) Micah found me (Hide and Seek!) and pushed Lightning McQueen around the bath rug at my feet. Luke hunted me down to ask The Most Important Question Ever. (I don't even remember, and yes, it definitely could have waited. It always can.) Three of the four kids joining me in the bathroom. It doesn't matter if I'm showering, or getting changed, or trying to get some private time on the porcelain throne - the kids will hunt me down and invade my space. I guess it's nice to be wanted.

They tell me that I'll miss these days when the kids are gone. I can believe it, because THE KIDS WILL BE GONE. But really, there are parts of my day that I'll never miss. Ever. Trust me.

10 daddy and micah


Roger said...

You didn't read the manual, it's right there on page six, under Privacy, what's that? :)

Gotta go roast a hot dog now. ;)

Trisha said...

Hee-hee! At least yours will grow up and leave . . . mine (kitties) will never leave me alone in the bathroom!

Jennifer said...

I so get that! When people (friends or strangers) look at my & my brood of 4 kids (10, 8, 6, 4), and say, "Enjoy this time, you'll miss it later!" I want to clobber them. :)