Unfriendly Are The Skies

We had an evening of missions emphasis at church. Different rooms were decorated as different continents, complete with representative foods and artifacts. There was a mock airplane made of sheets hung, pictures of clouds and an airplane wing out an airplane-window-shaped cut-out, and chairs in two rows of three with an aisle between. It was just a fun way to take us around the world for the night.

Micah is all about what happens at church. His greatest desire is to be one of the crowd, completely independent of Mom. When it was time to "board the plane," he ran ahead of me down the hall with his brothers. By the time I was halfway down the hallway, I met Micah coming back my way. It was a determined walk, and very much in the opposite direction of where he should be heading. I turned him around, but he was having none of it. Sixty five pounds of determination is a moving force that's getting harder and harder to reckon with.

I managed to get him headed the right way and reluctantly trudging down the hall. He was loathe to enter the room until he saw Luke in the front row, then ran to him and frantically tapped his leg and pointed at the door. (Translation: You! Come with me!) And that's when it hit me.

Micah was terrified of the airplane.

A homemade airplane, made out of chairs, bedsheets, and computer printed pictures, and it freaked Micah out. He's that afraid of flying, bless his little heart. He just wasn't going to rest until we were at the other end of the hallway, sitting on the couch in the foyer, safely on firm ground.

Micah and I left the other kids at church to visit countries around the world while we went to visit Daddy at work. It was a better night for my boy after that.

Poor little guy. Let's hope he never has to fly anywhere again.

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Flea said...

How sweet that you figured it out. Poor baby. After this last weekend, I'm with Micah on the whole flying business.