What I Really Want for Mother's Day

"I need help around the house," I whined for the five hundredth time. "I need someone to just do dishes for me. And maybe laundry. And if someone would clean the floors daily I'd really appreciate it. In fact, they can clean bathrooms and dust while they're here, too. You know what I really want? I want Alice."

Remember the Brady Bunch? Alice was my favorite character. She was stable, and loving, and held the family together while keeping it running smoothly in the right direction. She did all that I need someone to do here, and more. She cooked, cleaned, helped with homework, kissed boo-boos, broke up fights, shopped for groceries, and so much more. She was the mom, the maid, the babysitter.

I told Becky that I wanted Alice for Mother's Day. Someone to do everything, just like she did.

"That's too much work for anyone to do!" she said.

"What do you think your mother does?" said my wonderful husband.

At least someone appreciates the work a mom does.


Annette W. said...

Wow! I'm not sure my husband would have thought to say that! Go Husband!

Brandie said...

Haha! That is Golde's favorite tv show. Hubby and I are always saying that we need an Alice. Wouldn't that be awesome?