Your Eyes Just Light Up, Dear

Our fire pit is my very best friend these days. With summer here, there's nothing more wonderful than sitting around the fire in the evenings, making s'mores or simply watching the fire burn. And it makes for the best family time ever, like tonight, as we were eating watermelon and roasting marshmallows. (What? They go together.)

Becky: When I'm sitting near a fire, I'm always afraid that my eyelashes will catch on fire.

Rest of family: Bwahahaha

Becky: Well my mascara says it's flammable, and I wear so much of it that I'm really afraid that it'll ignite.

Rest of family: Bwahahaha

Life is very good here.


3 comments: said...

Oh, good Lord! How funny! She just needs to be told that her bra will if she gets too close to a boy!

Burgh Baby said...

I like how Micah looks like he's thinking, "If you're going down in flames, LET ME GO FIRST!"

JennyH said...

Funny! Poor Becky.