The Best Summer Ever

We have 4 kids. That alone is reason enough to have to watch our recreational budget, but the fact that we choose to live on one income further restricts us. We have always been creative in ways of entertainment, and I am a certified bargain hunter, so we're never lacking for things to do.

This summer, we made a list of all the fun things we wanted to do, because Luke tends to turn pessimistic and focus on what we haven't done. I figured a list would help him see what all we actually did, and how much fun we had. As Becky was looking over the list one day, she said, "most of the things on here are either free, or really cheap." Yep, we planned it that way on purpose.

This summer, we have not been inside a movie theater since Kung Fu Panda 2 came out. We have, however, seen some of the prettiest nature in the county.


We have not been to Chuck E. Cheese's, but we've had watermelon and s'mores on the patio nearly every week without fail.


And to make up for the lack of fun and games, we've played bocce and enjoyed the trampoline. Even in the rain.

24 jumping in rain

We've been bowling, compliments of the Kids Bowl Free program offered nationwide.


We've eaten out less this summer, and eaten outdoors more often.

27 picnik

We've played, using our imagination.


We've been creative.

8 goo

And while we haven't been to a water park, we got to ride a water slide anyway.


We've entertained both friends and family, because people make memories even better.

6 luke n jocy

We've biked extensively, seeing some wonderful things our county has to offer.

9 windmills

We have yet to visit an amusement park, but there are parks all around that offer wonderful fun.

27 swinging

And one of the best things about a summer like this is the fact that not only am I teaching the kids that fun doesn't have to cost money, but they are learning to appreciate the wonderful world around them.


That is priceless no matter who you are.

27 funny face

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Annette W. said...

Loved this post and the thankfulness you have for all that you have and do.