That Could Have Ended Badly

By some stroke of sheer luck, I ended up childless for a few hours today. I know, right? But to make up for it, there are 3 extra in the house tonight for a sleepover. Summer is all about fun, and we're taking full advantage of that.

And in the spirit of All About Fun, I took myself to the mall to hit up a good sale. I also got a manicure because the price was right and I could. Nothing is more fun than a relaxing mani without fourteen kids running hither and yon and asking when we're going already. (Mark this day, it won't happen again until the kids are back in school.) (And yes, I'm aware that I don't ever have 14 kids, but when you are preoccupied and simply cannot get up to remind kids to be in Very Best Manners mode, they will take full advantage of your inability to discipline and morph into octopi spawn, reaching and grabbing and running and touching and poking and GAH! It may as well be 14 kids, for Pete's sake.)

So anyhoo, I'm relaxing. And it was sweet indeed. And then I grabbed my bag of sale goods, and held my freshly manicured nails aloft, and strutted out to the car feeling like a new woman. That lotsa good feeling lasted right up until I put the key in the ignition, turned it, and heard the CLICK. You know, The Battery Is Definitely Dead And You're Not Going Anywhere CLICK. Yeh, that one.

Nuts. And the jump starter wasn't in the vehicle, either. Of course. So I called my husband, because what else does a woman do in a situation like that? Only he didn't answer because apparently he works sometimes at his job and can't answer the phone. Of course.

And then I saw him. The mall security police was driving down the row in front of me. Do you know how many times I've been at the mall and have seen mall security? Zero, that's how many. I didn't even know that the mall had roving security patrols. And right there he was, in front of me, so I jumped out of my dead ride and flagged him down.

And that's how I know that angels come in all shapes and sizes, because that man that I normally would have taken for a geek with a molestache was quite the lifesaver for me today. I'm so grateful that God is always watching out for me.

I'm also very much sickened over the fact that one has to sign a waiver stating that I will not sue in the event that something goes wrong while security is trying to help me. It's a messed up world when people stoop to those levels, and yet they do. Frequently. That's why I have to sign waivers.



Jennifer said...

I'm sorry, I'm totally stuck on the word "molestache." That may be the best thing I've ever heard lol

Karen said...

Jennifer - the teens here use it frequently. It's descriptive.

JennyH said...

Ha-- I didn't even catch that word!

Glad he was there to help. That click sound always sucks!

Trisha said...

So glad that everything worked out well. I guess waivers are just a sign of the times. *sigh*

Trisha said...

So glad that everything worked out well. I guess waivers are just a sign of the times. *sigh*