What Do Men Call That Bag That They Carry That's Equivalent To A Lady's Purse?

Accessories are everything. Every girl knows this. Coordinating shoes and handbags, layering jewelry, or even just adding earrings to make the outfit complete. They're all essential to your daily routine. Unless you're me, and scoff at fashion and it's silly rules. My motto is "If I Like It, I Wear It." In order to fall in the Like It category, it's gotta be super comfy. In fact, I found a stretch knit jersey skirt the other day and I don't think I've taken it off since. It's the bomb diggity for summer.

And then there's my hat. I bought this fisherman-style denim hat years ago when the kids were playing soccer because it seemed no matter what field my kids were playing in, or what time of day the game was, I was forever looking directly into the sun. Ball caps neither fall into the "comfy" nor "like it" range for me, but for some reason that denim bucket hat did. It's been a life saver in summer while riding in vehicles without air conditioning. Slap on a hat and you have no wind-blown mess upon arrival. Of course, you've got hat hair, but that's easily remedied by simply wearing the hat at your destination as well.

I wore the hat this morning to breakfast with my mother-in-law because I didn't feel like styling my hair. The new van has AC, but I've simply become attached to that bucket hat and use it as an excuse to not spend time on vanity.

It's baffling to me, then, why my children are all about fashion. They did not learn it from me, obviously. And while Sam is no fashion slouch, neither is he cutting edge in the fashion world either. Josh was a slow talker, but one of the first things he adamantly declared was that sweat pants were pajamas and not to be worn into public. (This was the day when sweatsuits were all the rage for little boys.) Becky is a girl through and through and could easily model for Vogue in some of the outfits she pulls together. She mourns the fact that we live in Backwoods Nowhere and not New York City. Her style is very unappreciated here. In fact, sometimes it's criticized. Luke, however, is an artist. If he has a pencil and paper, he's happy. Clothing is something you throw on randomly to cover yourself.

And then there's Micah. That boy encompasses all that the other kids are in one neat little package. He's got a certain style that is all him, and isn't afraid of being who he is. That kid will wear a Superman costume to the grocery store, and a skirt around the house. He'll wear a button down shirt and tie with sweatpants to school. And lately, he's decided that he needs a purse for church. The people at church know Micah well, and simply laugh as we do. That purse has been renamed the Murse, the Man Bag, the Satchel, and the Shoulder Bag. But the fact that it's pink polka dotted leaves no mystery to anyone that it's a ladies purse. And Micah carries it proudly.

I'm just baffled why it's only for church. Do men not carry a Murse anywhere else?

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imbeingheldhostage said...

They will. They just have to see how cool it is to travel with everything you could ever need and then that murse will be everywhere ;-) I'm betting Micah's has some very interesting items in it...

And take pride that you can slap on a hat-- I look horrible in hats but love them. Wear your fisherman hat with a smile!

Karen said...

@imbeingheldhostage - Truly, it's the only hat that looks good on me. And Micah carries his Bible in his bag, of course. And markers, and rubber bands...