When I Find Out Who Invited Murphy On Vacation, I'm Unfriending Them

We've been planning this vacation for a while. Most people are like that. I know few vacationers who just wake up one day and say, "hey, let's take a week off and go vacation!" So, for months, we've looked forward to this week. I spent last week doing laundry, and cleaning the house (everyone does this, right?), and planning last minute details.

Apparently, so was Murphy. Someone thought it would be fun to invite him along.

Murphy helped move Micah's cold along into a sinus infection early last week, and the boy is on antibiotics to clear it up. I was thrilled that he'd have a week to finish the meds before we left, but that was *before* I picked up the presciption. It's a 10-day dosage, of course, ending the middle of this week. We're traveling with his needs-to-be refrigerated meds. Not a biggie, but inconvenient.

And then Saturday morning Murphy reared his ugly head again. Josh woke up with a sore ear. The kid has a super high tolerance for pain, so a "sore" ear to him could be an ear infection to the rest of the general populace. But not being one given over to panic, I said to let me know how it feels as the day progresses. (I mean, what's the difference between going to the ER at 9 AM, or 3 PM?)

While I was waiting for Josh to get back with me on the condition of his inner ear, I developed some inward discomfort of my own. And outward, as well. My entire undercarriage was in a bad way, thanks to a raging UTI. It took me a few hours to realize what it was. (Hey, we were planning to leave for vacation the next day. I was distracted.) And then it took me all of 15 seconds to realize that I wouldn't be in town on Monday to go to the doctor, and I'd end up in an ER either Saturday night, or sometime through the week while out of town.

As long as I was going to the ER anyway, we'd make it a family event. Josh and I are now on antibiotics, too, because Murphy didn't want Micah to be the only one toting meds on vacation. For anyone counting, that's exactly half our family on antibiotics for the week of fun that we've planned for months now. We keep things interesting. It's how we roll.



Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Oh boy! Hope you're all better soon & that you can enjoy your trip anyway!

Cindy said...

Oh no! Hopefully the fun of the trip will overshadow the meds. And I'll pray Murphy doesn't tag along on your vacation!