Cooperation in the Photo Department

Micah is skilled at avoiding the camera. Skilled. If he sees me grab the Canon, he will oh-so-subtly turn his head so that it's angled away from me. And if I continue with the snap-snap-snapping, he'll blatantly glare me down, then get up and walk away.

Getting a good photo of the boy's face is something that doesn't happen often, and when I do he's never looking directly into the camera.


new york city 094

And the really ironic thing about that photo is the fact that he wanted me to take his picture. He's just so in the habit of avoiding eye contact with that lens that it's instinct.

But at Kennywood, while we were standing in line for a ride, I got some golden shots of the boy. Or at least they would have been if Daddy's shoulder wasn't in the way. I'm guessing that's why he was down with me getting all up in his grill. He figured eye contact was acceptable if his entire face wasn't showing. Kind of like Wilson on Home Improvement. (Remember that? Or are y'all too young? In which case, you can just hike up your low riding pants and shuffle on out of here.)

kennywood 026

And then I discovered gold. Or Micah did. The boy would cooperate willingly with my photography session if he was allowed to pick his nose. He's not stupid - he knows it's very socially unacceptable. It's why he did it, of course. See what an awesome photo this would be otherwise?

kennywood 021

Little stinker. I'd show him the photo, he'd laugh, I'd quickly try to get another while the smile was in place but the finger wasn't, but he was quicker than I was. I guess that proves it was him that found gold, and not I.


Carol N. said...

Heidi-ho (sp?) good neighbour (I remember Wilson!).

Love the shot with the shoulder - it's more meaningful!

Karen Deborah said...

Hi! I love this post including the pun and Micah is really growing up!! What happened to the baby? He is a beautiful boy and full of boy!!!! hilarious.