The Deception of Men

As we were frantically trying to pack for vacation, Becky questioned why I didn't just put the luggage in the back of the van rather than stack it by the front door. (She knows I'm nothing if not efficient and organized.)

"Honey, your father insists on packing himself. He doesn't trust anyone else to pack for fear it won't be done right. He does a really good job, mind you, but he is convinced that nobody can do it as good as he can. It's my job to make him continue to think that. It makes him feel good about himself."

Being a wife is really a funny job sometimes, isn't it?

"Yes, hon, it really is."

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Roger said...

I'm telling. :)

Nikki said...

You so speakith the truth. (and speakith is totally a word)

Siobhan said...