Art Work!

Pinterest is my go-to for decor ideas, menu options, and just plain fun. Like this.


Becky decided that she would love that hanging on her bedroom wall, so I bought a 3-pack of art canvas at Walmart for $9 and we had a fun afternoon of creating. Because we have more crayons on hand than Walmart does at any given time, we didn't need to purchase any of those. (Seriously, we do. I have over a dozen boxes in a desk drawer not even opened, and twice that many in a go-to jar on a shelf.)

Becky chose the colors she loved best, and hot glued them along the top of the canvas. We broke out Sam's heat gun and started melting crayons.


We tried a hair dryer, which was very effective at melting crayons, but also effective at blowing the wax all over the canvas. The heat gun has a setting that makes a lot of heat with little air flow. It rocks.

Colors will still run together, but it makes the art that much more interesting.


And when Luke came home, he wanted to get in on the action as well.


And then he personalized his with his name Sharpie'd at the bottom.


And I have to say, every time I walk by the kids' rooms, I am loving those pieces of art.


Jennifer said...

This is so cool.

Annette W. said...

Love this!!

Allison Says said...

I love it!

Trisha said...

That is such a neat art project and they turned out so neat!

Nikki said...

How awesome and fun!

Carol N. said...

So cool!

Mellissa Rose said...

Love this! Nice job!