I Refuse To Contribute To The Skankiness

I hate that Halloween has become a ho-fest. It seems no matter what costume you Google, you'll see a scantily clad ho-bag wearing as little clothing as possible, while still somehow managing to convey the idea of the outfit. Perhaps it shouldn't be, but it's shocking to me that even something as innocent as Little Bo Peep has been twisted into epic wrongness of X-rated proportions.

This doesn't translate into boys' costumes, so we're generally in the clear with what the boys can wear. But with Becky, it's pretty dicey finding a costume that covers all her girly parts. This is part of the reason that I make everything the kids wear for Halloween. The other part is that the costumes in my price range are cheesy and tacky, and the ones that are actually more than a one-piece pull-on screen printed with a 2-D superhero character are more than I pay for an entire year's worth of clothing.

But despite the fact that I make my costumes, thereby ensuring that the daughter is dressed modestly, doesn't mean that it's easy to pull off Halloween without participating in the ho-bag fest. Last year, she wanted to be a ballerina. Her idea of a tutu was waaaaaay shorter and skimpier than my idea of one. We compromised on a length, but I insisted she wear shorts underneath because it was a bit more see-through than I would have preferred despite the 10 yards of tulle used.  Neither of us were terribly happy with the outfit, so I guess it was a win.

This year, the daughter has chosen to be a peacock. I made the mistake of asking Google to show me some costumes. You'd think I'd remember that Halloween is a ho-fest, but I'm a slow learner. DON'T GOOGLE IT. You've been warned. But really, I wanted to know how to make the tail feathers without actually buying and de-tailing a live bird. I'm still stumped in that department, but I have every confidence I'll think of something before October 31. The most difficult part is that I prefer my budget to stay under $10. But I'm seeing that budget as easier to achieve than making the daughter happy.

If you've got some ideas to help out, I'd be glad to hear them.



Shelli said...

In 25 years of being a parent, including 7 years of doing home daycare, my go to site for crafts, costumes, ideas of any kind for kids. It's http://familyfun.go.com/

They have some really good stuff. I even subscribed to the magazine.

Bluepaintred said...

here is a nice way to do the tail feathers. the top is way off, but the tail is really the hard part to figure out - hope this helps!

Karen said...

You guys rock! Thanks!

wendy said...

I'm with you on the costumes. I make Claires costume every year and this year she wants to be a princess ( that can still change about 10 times!) I think I'm in luck that seems like it'll be pretty easy! Have fun and keep us posted.

Burgh Baby said...

If you search Pinterest for "peacock costume" there are several variations that might help. I'm a fan of this one, personally. http://pinterest.com/pin/193116997/