I Learned All Sorts of Things This Week

We spent the last few days at a small conference, learning how to better use Micah's Voice. While it was mostly geared toward speech therapists vs. parents, and we spent a very large portion of our time discussing things like syntax and iconicity and semantics, it was incredibly enlightening.

First of all, I realized that I was clearly not a professional in a room full of professionals. While everyone showed up with laptops to work from, mine was the only one sporting Calvin & Hobbes. And coupled with the fact that I also had my bright multi-colored phone (set to vibrate) on the table and my blue and white flower-clad iPod in full display, I felt very much Legally Blonde. Clearly, not the professional. But that's alright, because those professionals have their jobs because of parents like us. We're just doing our part to stimulate the economy. Our boy is golden. Or something like that.

I was so worried about being away for 3 days in the middle of the week. If I am not home when Micah gets off the bus, he freaks out. I had a doctor appointment go late last week and Becky had to call me so that Micah could sob in hysterics into the phone. He was happier once he heard my voice, but still far from happy. What would happen if I wasn't there for 3 days running?

Nothing, that's what. The first day, Becky called me when he got home, and while he sounded a bit concerned, he was thrilled that I told him Luke would be home soon. I didn't hear from him for the next 2 days. And when we walked in the door after being going most of the week, he didn't even get up from watching TV to greet us.

Yep, broken up for sure. Probably scarred for life.

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