Saved By A Skin

Our family has fallen in love with the iPod Touch. We've all got our own, and of course they're all personalized to fit each owner. The problem comes in when someone picks up a random iPod that isn't theirs. I know you're thinking that they'd recognize that device as Not Theirs, but you'd be only partially correct. They do recognize it as Not Theirs, but they also Don't Care.

We all have our own personalized outsides as well as personalized content, but we don't seem to be very creative. Two have Otter Boxes, one has a plaid hard case (Mine! Mine!) and two have no covers or cases at all. And because we have older generations of the Touch, the only color Otter Boxes available are black. So yeh, we've got 2 black Otter Box cases, 2 with no differentiating marks, and one that stands out. And the kids just pick up one of the doubles and pretend they don't know it's Not Theirs.

In an effort to differentiate, we got Micah a skin for his Touch from It's one of the many companies out there that offer skins for electronic devices. It's the first skin we've had experience with, and we're quite impressed with the quality of both the skin and it's ability to differentiate Micah's iPod as Micah's iPod. Even from across the room, we can tell the other kids, "unhand that and give it back to your brother."

And they're totally busted. Because despite accusations to the contrary, it's not only Micah who runs a battery down to zilch and lets a device lay. We have saved the nonverbal one from unfair accusations.

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