Hugs & Kisses

We now have a reason to keep the lock on the dog crate 24/7. We have learned the hard way that if the lock is not on the crate, puppies will disappear. It's not the mama dog hiding her brood from the spying eyes of the family; it's Micah, taking puppies to play with.

You can't blame him, really. Who doesn't love puppies? (Okay, Becky doesn't, but that's because we have so many, she says. I think she's lying. I prefer to believe that, because otherwise, I may have to disown her. Who doesn't love puppies?) But Micah loves puppies. A lot. And he loves to play with them. He puts them in trucks and drives them around the house, and takes them to the trampoline to play, and puts them way down at the bottom of his bed under the covers. One never knows where a puppy will turn up, and when a puppy is too little to walk on it's own, or even survive without it's mama, one cannot have puppies in random places. We know this from firsthand experience. You can't make this stuff up.

So we have a lock on the dog crate. But the mama had to go outside for a moment and the crate was unlocked while awaiting her return. Micah snagged the opportunity. He loves puppies, he does. So I figured I'd take advantage of the Canon moment.

"Give the puppy a kiss," I told the boy.

That poor, poor puppy. Being eaten alive is not anybody's idea of a good time, and it's evident that puppies tend to feel that way as well. So we tried again. "Give him a hug," I said. "And hold him with two hands."

While Micah is incredibly gentle with puppies, he gets a little too comfortable with them sometimes. It's always best to watch him. And keep the dog crate locked.

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