It's Another Haircut For The History Books

Micah is not known for sitting for haircuts. In the past, we've gotten all kinds of creative in trying to get the job done. The arm and leg lock was given up when he became stronger than I am, so we learned that if we sat him on a stool he'd wiggle less for fear of falling off. Still there was a lot of wiggle room.

We gave him a mirror to watch himself (the boy is vain), and toys to play with, and a lollipop to occupy his mouth so he didn't scream (that was a fail - it became covered in hair in less than a third of a second), and let him play in a sink full of water and bubbles. Still, he screamed and thrashed and was as uncooperative as a little boy possibly could be. We did cuts at home between cuts at the salon so that neither I nor the beautician would have to deal with him on a regular basis.

The last time he had a haircut was at the salon. He sat in the chair, told me to go sit in the waiting area, and chatted with his stylist like the regular customer that he is. We were thoroughly amazed. But we weren't holding our breath for a repeat performance, because Micah doesn't work like that. Except he did, because Micah likes to mess with us.

Daddy was getting a haircut, and afterward, Micah sat in the chair and insisted that he wanted the cape. Note: he hates the cape. He also was pretty adamant that he wanted me to cut his hair, so I started small, like trimming up at his neckline and cutting back his sideburn growth. And he sat through it, laughing and (dare I say it?) enjoying it. So I moved on, giving him a buzz cut. (It's what we always do, because the closer you shave the head the longer you can let it grow between trauma-inducing cuts.) And he was sitting there like a pro.

And then it happened. The guard came off the blade as I was heading up and over the top of his head. Now, at the very top, is a shiny spot of baldness. It's awesome in ways you can't describe, and enhanced by the fact that the clippers suddenly needed oil and we were fresh out. So now I had no guard, and blades that were leaving spots of uncut hair while trimming all around it. The boy now looks rather like a chemo patient, which is not even awesome to joke about.

Have I mentioned that my brother is coming to visit for the first time in years, and mom wanted family pictures? *sigh*

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Tara said...

LOL! Love it! One of my boys has a cut just like that, because his sister (7yo) decided to "help" Daddy by "fixing" the cut he gave. Sigh.

SO happy that Micah's decided to relax and enjoy the cuts, though. That's HUGE! (and gives me hope for Eon.)