Snapshots of our Weekend

Micah had an awesome day on Sunday. First the kids had their Christmas program at church, and four months of practice paid off. They did so well. Micah loves the play since he gets to sing and dance. We were waiting for him to break out The Sprinkler since it's his new favorite dance move, but he stuck with the rehearsed moves instead. He also got to play his guitar during one of the songs, and as far as he was concerned it was his moment to shine. He's waited for a crack on stage with that guitar for years.

I won't point him out. If you look close enough you can find him for yourself.  You know, the kid who didn't get the memo to wear a red shirt. That would be him.

He was also one of the Wise Men. Or Wise Guy, however you want to look at it.

His crown was rather ill fitting, and made him look very I Have Down Syndrome, but that's okay because he does. And he rocks it.

And after church we headed to the Special Olympics Christmas Party, where there was food, and dancing, and Santa Claus. In that order. He broke out The Sprinkler there, because he totally could. And somehow I lack a picture of that, although I did get him in The Worm. (There are few moves that boy doesn't know. Or employ.)

Hey, I didn't say he was good at it. Or maybe he was breakdancing. Nobody may ever know. I do know, however, that he had a fabulous time. Fabulous in ways you can't even imagine. He was in his element, putting on a show for the entire crowd.

And he and Santa are rather tight this year, but since it's still such a new concept to us, Micah was on his lap, collected his loot, and back at our table before we even realized he'd been to see the man in red. (Parents of the Year, we are.) And then? Micah went back for Round 2 with Santa, but only to give him the picture that he colored. Santa has a track record of awesomeness this year. He graciously accepted the picture, thanked Micah, and set it beside him to continue on with the eager line of Olympians waiting their turn. And I don't have pictures of any of this. (See that Parents of the Year note.) But in my defense, I was so busy watching the other Olympians that snapping pictures didn't occur to me much. The Special Olympians are some of my most favorite people in the whole world. There is no inhibition. No embarrassment. No silly egos to get in the way of just being who you are, and loving every second of it.

All in all, it was a very good day for everyone

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Trisha said...

Micah does rock it, doesn't he? He looks like he had a fabulous time and pictures or not, you ARE wonderful parents. If you weren't, would you boy be so happy?