Style Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Micah definitely has his own dress style. It's funny, I had two kids like that. It's half the crew. And even funnier, they were both boys. Becky had her own style of dress as well, but she wasn't nearly as adamant about what she wanted as the boys are.

Okay, let me rephrase that. Maybe she just wasn't allowed to be adamant in what she wanted. That girl scared me a bit. As a toddler, and up through her single digit years, she gravitated toward leopard prints, and zebra stripes, and fishnet stockings, and fake nails that were 2" long. If I allowed Becky to be who she wanted to be, she'd have been the first toddler ho in the county. Perhaps I should have gotten her onto Toddlers and Tiaras or something. Maybe that would have satisfied her fashion longings. But I took the easy way out and simply redirected her to more appropriate wear for someone under the age of Still In My House.

Josh was a late talker, being close 2 when he chose to speak to us with any regularity, and one of the first things he wanted to say was what he would and would not wear. It seems that Micah is of the same mind as his older brother. He's got a style, he knows what he wants, and he's kinda proud of who he is. His style is interesting, that's for sure. He layers plaids on plaids, and tops it with a tie. He wears a knit sweater vest with sweatpants. He wears ties with anything, generally over t-shirts.

We have learned that Micah is an old man in a little boy's body. He'll unerringly go for polyester shorts and oxford shirts. And as we were walking through the store the other day, he found the best little old man outfit of all. It was a polyester pant and vest set, with a bright royal blue oxford with a tie. The pants and vest were pinstriped. Bonus. He chose that over a Lightning McQueen shirt, and a Spiderman pajama set, and then - THEN - he chose to put a movie back in lieu of that glorious polyester atrocity.

We did not make that purchase. I know he would have worn it every day to school. Somehow, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. We will, however, be looking for a tiny little suit in that boy's size that is not polyester. We'll support who he is, but he'll just have to compromise a wee bit on his style.

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