Update on the Absenteeism

Wow, that was a stretch of MIAness. I didn't even realize things weren't happening on the blog until I sat down today and thought about it.

We vacationed with the extended family the week before Christmas and had an absolute wonderful time, even though we were at a ski resort without snow. We did get to go tubing that once before what little man-made snow they had melted off. We entertained ourselves in the nearest town, out in the woods, and at the indoor water park. And it was rather relaxing. But I just didn't think to post while we were away, although I did sit up until well past midnight almost nightly reading. Gosh, it's been forever since I've read a good book, and I was able to get through a few. It was heaven.

The last 5 minutes at the water park on the last day, Josh sustained an injury, because apparently teen boys are prone to things like that. We had some x-rays done when we got home to ensure nothing was broken (it wasn't) and I almost fell asleep in the hospital chair. I realized then that I was completely and totally exhausted.

Being up with Micah that one night didn't help with the lack of sleep thing. The boy's Little Sniffle turned on him faster than I've ever seen anything turn. In just over 24 hours he was wavering between croup and lung hacking as an Olympic event, and I sat with him for an hour in a steamy bathroom at 3AM. I now know that one should turn the shower on instead of just the tub's faucet if one is going to sufficiently steam a bathroom. Hey, at 3AM, nobody is at their sharpest. Don't judge.

We medicated Micah religiously and invested in a Vicks thingamijig that you plug in and smells wonderful all night long. (I've always loved the smell of Vicks. And it's even more wonderful since it allows me, er, Micah to sleep all night long.) We did wonders in keeping his chest clear, but at the 2 week mark we figured he should probably be seen by a professional. And Becky was asking for a renewal of her allergy meds, so it seemed like a good time to go.

Turns out, Becky is not only struggling with those dog allergies (it's a shame we have all those dogs in the house), but has the start of bronchitis. Again. If there's a prize for The One Who Is Most Prone To Bronchitis At The Most Random Times, it would be her, hands down.

Micah is incubating the start of an ear infection. All that Vicks does nothing for ears, now does it? But we caught it early so he hasn't been in any pain, which is grand. It's just painful for me to see his nose constantly run, and hear him hack and croup the crud out. Poor kiddo.

Daddy tried taking Micah's cold on to minimize the effects for the little guy but it just resulted in yet another dose of antibiotics to clear up the crud in his chest. I've not seen a cold take hold on someone so fast as it did on Sam, and it drug the man down. Literally. I'm kind of afraid to breathe the same air as he does at this point.

Christmas happened despite the fact that our suitcases were still packed and sitting in a corner of our bedrooms, and half of us were on antibiotics. I took grocery inventory, and we had everything we needed to host Christmas dinner for the other side of the family so I put off stocking the fridge and pantry until after the holiday. It wasn't until sometime around 2PM Christmas day that I realized we had no desserts or anything to make them with. Trivialities, really. Who needs another Christmas cookie, even if it's Christmas day?

We had a wonderful Christmas with family, though. Don't assume we were too sick to enjoy it. There was no barfing and no fevers, so we were all joyfully coherent. Bonus.

And that's pretty much the last 2 weeks in a nutshell. A big nut, mind you, but there it is. We vacationed, we got sick, we opened gifts and lacked Christmas cookies, and I read a few good books.

How was your holiday?

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