If I Could Save Time, er Farts, In A Bottle

Can you read the label on that jar? If you'd rather not reach for the bifocals, it says, "Fart in a jar." That would be what living with teen boys looks like. That's also the result of more giggling than girls can produce well after bedtime hours have passed. Take note: when boys are giggling and running like girls, they're always up to no good. Always.

That jar was sitting on my counter this morning when I woke up. I had a lot of deep thoughts about it. Let's skip past the whole, "why on earth...?" and even the, "how?" and move on to the other questions. Questions like is that just one fart, or many farts? And if there are many farts, did they not think that the previous ones would escape while depositing a new one? And WHY ARE BOYS SO WEIRD?

The only question I didn't seem to have about that jar was the fact that it would be thrown away. It would no longer be used for canning foodstuffs for our family.

Or maybe it should be. Maybe I should make something extra special just for the teen boys. Maybe I'll think about that a little more in depth when I'm awake in the wee smalls of the night.

That jar sat there all day because one has to confront the culprits with the evidence in the light of day. It's part of the game we play as parents of teens. But before I had a chance to bring it up, and ask the all important WHY?!, I happened to glance it's direction in time to see Luke holding it up to his nose. The lid was off.

Can I just ask again, WHY?! Boys are attracted to gross and nasty like fruit flies are attracted to my kitchen.

The look on Luke's face, however, was worth all the stupidity of boys in our house. One of the many questions I had was definitely answered. A fart in a jar smells. It smells really, really bad.


Karen Deborah said...

Laughing out loud. make some chocolate pudding for the farty boys to eat out of the jar. wash it but don't tell them you did.
heee heee heee I'm a nurse I can laugh at gross stuff too. Who knows they might become doctors? Don't discourage them to much. It's a tough job being gross but someones got to do it.

Trisha said...

That is just funny! I think you should definitely use that jar for some kind of foodstuff - keeping it very clearly labeled, of course - and bring it out for a "special" occasion!

wendy said...

This reminds me of some things my son did, what is it with boys and gross stuff?