Laughing Through It

Now that we're all up to speed on the happenings at our house, I'm free to share the stories related to the trauma. I learned a long time ago that if you can't laugh in the face of tragedy, you'll go crazy. Although, my mom is fairly concerned that I will go crazy being up every 2 hours. I appreciate her concerns, but it's come to the point that I just don't trust anyone else to raise my babies. There are so many tiny, subtle things to look for when a puppy is failing, and you learn it with experience. It's not something you can teach. (And apparently, I still have a lot to learn.) To quote Becky, "I think you'd rather be crazy than have another dead puppy." That pretty much sums it up.

Good thing I'm already crazy, then, right?

Because life just doesn't stop when you need it to on occasion, Josh came home from school sick the day the dog was hospitalized. I kept him home from school the next day and made a trip to the doctor to be sure everything was alright, and to get that all important school excuse. While at the doctor, I saw a splotch of mud on the top of my shoe. It was rather hard-ish to notice as my shoes are uber-sexy black and white tweed slip on mules. (I know how to rock things, no?) The mud kinda sorta blended in, but it was there nonetheless. I contemplated it for a while before realizing that my shoes aren't muddy elsewhere, and a spot right on the top of the toe is an odd place for mud.

And that's when it hit me.

It wasn't mud. It was infected uterine sludge that dripped from my poor dog while at the vet the night before.

It's things like this that are creeping into my days. I'm glad I'm going crazy from sleep deprivation and can just laugh about it.

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Trisha said...

YOu just have to laugh sometimes. Life can get that way.

Keep laughing and keep those adorable puppies fed and happy!