Little McSneakerton

Micah recently learned to drink from a cup - without the aid of a straw - and has also decided that soda is an awesome thing he's been missing out on for the past 8 years of his life. His drinking life has greatly been improved, according to him.

Right up until very recently, he thought we were trying to drug him with a mouth-eating poison every time he'd sip anything that fizzed.  But now, because he discovered it all on his own (ahem), carbonated drinks are his new rage.

We treated ourselves to a pizza for lunch, and got a rare bottle of soda to go with it. (We just don't keep sodas in the house. We are drinkers of water here. It's free, it's healthy, and it's free.) We sat around the table, chatting and eating, enjoying our lunch prepared by someone else. Luke got up to help himself to another slice, and Micah took advantage of his absence from the table. I swear, he was waiting for the moment.

Luke was barely gone before Micah nonchalantly reached for his brother's cup, carefully poured the contents into his own, then set the cup back where it was. And then he continued eating his pizza like nothing ever happened and the rest of the table didn't just see what went down.

That boy has definitely mastered sneaky.

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