It's Too Many Photos, But I Feel I Need To Brag

Micah will be 9 years old this weekend. (Please, hold the well wishes. Let my baby be 8 for as long as he can. My baby will hit double digits next year and I think I'm less okay with the fact that MY BABY WILL BE 10 NEXT YEAR than the fact that Micah will be ten years old.) This means that Micah has been getting hair cuts for approximately 8.5 years. My kids have all had the super power of Growing Hair Like Crazy. Becky was sitting on the ends of hers at the age of 2. You can guess that it's not shocking, then, that the boys all had haircuts at 6 months of age, and very regularly after that. So doing some rough math, that means Micah has had about 35-40 haircuts in his lifetime.

Despite haircuts being a Regular Thing, Micah hated them like cats hate water. I'm pretty sure it was a sensory thing, compounded by the fact that once he started to cry he got hair in his mouth, which further heightened the sensory overload, which made him just completely lose his cool, and after that there was no consoling him. And then I think that once the sensory issues were overcome, he thought that haircuts were just something to be screamed through, and thrashing and fighting back were considered bonus points in the game.

I am proud to say that it appears we have turned a corner. This is the 3rd haircut in a row that we have had no screaming, crying, thrashing, kicking, hitting, headlock holds, straight jackets, or valium involved. So in honor of my pride of this momentous occasion, I am posting an entire photo collage of the event.

When he starts off laughing, it's definitely a good sign. Note: This is the first time the hair dresser has ever heard Micah laugh. She was quite thrilled.

Winking skills are new. I'm way impressed. Apparently he's impressed with what he sees in the mirror.

And while there's a mirror, he'll take advantage of some other fun faces as well. And still, NO SCREAMING. Even with my camera in his face, which normally sends him over the edge, too.

Egads, hair in the mouth is nasty. AND STILL NO SCREAMING. I was beginning to wonder who this boy was, and what he did with Micah. Then I remembered that he's still the boy that doesn't sleep at night and misbehaves in school because of it. One small step at a time, I guess.

And he'll just go on laughing, because it's amusing watching all that hair fall off. Seriously, did you noticed how long his hair was in the first picture? You should have seen the pile on the floor when it was all said and done. He gets more cut off at a clip than I do.

Even watching the action happen held much fascination for the boy. Haircuts are fun! (Right up until he decided they aren't any longer. But that's why I'm boring you with pictures, so in the future I can assuredly say, "see? He DID sit and enjoy a haircut at one point in his life.")

And then the most wonderful thing of all happened. The hair stylist faux-hawked his hair. Every time the boy gets out of the shower, he primps and fusses until his hair does just that. Gosh, it's like the best day EVER for him.

Except NOT. I had no idea that faux-hawks were a thing of last week. My bad. Obviously, Micah is not amused by the style upon his head.

An up-close mirror assisted The Flattening Of The Do, and the world was righted again.

I could seriously get used to this boy who likes haircuts. I'm sure his stylist could as well.

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