No Rocks Were Harmed in the Making of this Blog Post

There's a lake in town that we do not frequent very often at all. I plan to remedy that this year, starting today. It's a beautiful place to picnic, walk, or just sit and listen to silence. Unless you have kids, then it's awesome to watch them do their thing near water.

Today, Micah and I spent a half hour at the lake. We'd have played much longer if the temperatures would have been above mid-30. While I'm a huge fan of nature, I'm also a fan of being warm. I know, sometimes it's contradictory.

Micah spent most of his time throwing stones in the lake. The other small percentage of his time was spent filling my pockets with more rocks in the event that he runs out. I'm pretty sure my washer will be clunking for a while as those rocks show up here and there unexpectedly.

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Leanne said...

Few things are more relaxing then skipping rocks. Good choice, Micah.