Ulterior Motives

Luke came home from school with a permission slip to attend the Quiz Team Competition. I looked over the information, and said team competed on a Saturday, catching the bus at 7AM and returning at 5PM. A full Saturday, dedicated to school.

"Luke, are you aware that this is on a Saturday?"

Yes. The bus leaves at 7 in the morning, so I'll have to get up early to shower before we go.

Huh. So he's aware. And he's excited about it. What kind of kid wants to go to school all day on Saturday after spending the previous five days at school? Apparently the kind of kid that brings home a paper begging me to sign him up for summer school. It's a program for gifted kids, and takes a week or two out of his summer to teach him math and science concepts. He asked me every day for three days running if I'd filled it out yet. I procrastinated, thinking he'd change his mind. I was wrong. It's filled out and returned to the school.

It's safe to say that the boy is a total nerd. It's also safe to say that he gets it from me. His nose is always in a book, and he learned that from watching me. He has a love of learning, which he also inherited from me. We're nerds together, Luke and I.

Sam had a different take on all this, though. His theory is that there's an ulterior motive in Luke's wanting to participate in school stuff on his off-school days. Like a girl. And then the truth came out, because not only is Luke a nerd, he's as transparent as bubble. His new girlfriend is also of the nerd variety. His new girlfriend is on the Quiz Team and signed up for summer school. His new girlfriend must be quite a draw.

Quiz Team Competition was this weekend. We were out of town so we couldn't attend the big shindig, but we called him as soon as he got home.

"So how was your day, bud? Did your team win?"


"Did they do good, at least?"

No, we sucked actually.

It's a good thing his girlfriend was there. It must have been the only saving grace of his day.

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