You Mean THIS Weekend?!

My life is a neat little square of space on the kitchen counter. It contains a bowl full of syringes used for feeding puppies, a bottle of cold meds, a bottle of Advil, antibiotics I'm currently on, and a bottle of hefty prescription meds for the dog. And Clorox wipes. For all practical purposes, it looks like I'm a druggie, obsessed with being clean. It's even more convincing since I revisit this space every 2 hours without fail. The sad thing is that I look the part. Sleep deprivation, for the win.

A cold set in at some point (I have no concept of time anymore) and the cough from post nasal drip has made my chest hurt. A lot. My chest hurts so badly that I can't speak a full sentence without gasping for air. I'd suspect pneumonia, except I lack all the symptoms. I've found a heating pad helps loosen things up, and Advil helps with the pain.

I woke with a kink in my neck, and I couldn't turn my head without the pain bringing on an instant headache. (Seriously, it's not like I even sleep longer than an hour at any given time. How can one get that messed up in an hour?) Heating pads are my new best friend. In the time it took to feed puppies, the heating pad on my neck loosened things up enough to function for the day.

Sometime during the night, I developed a weird strain of the flu. Josh had this last week, and I'm so grateful that the general sickness doesn't go with it, just fever, chills, and so much pain. Seriously, I wasn't aware that my hip joints could hurt from cold, nor that every muscle tensing from chills could make you feel like you're 104.

I stood at the kitchen counter at 8AM in my bathrobe, feeding puppies. If photos add ten pounds, bathrobes easily add twenty. I had a heating pad on the back of my neck, and one on my chest under the robe. It looked like a third boob. As I was finishing up with the puppies, I cleaned the counters and started in on the medication routine. My hand shook with exhaustion so badly that I couldn't pour the cold meds.

It was at this point that Becky asked if her new boyfriend could come visit this weekend. I'm wondering how much she really likes him, you know? Wouldn't it be easier on everyone to just say, "I'm not that into you?"

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Cindy said...

You're too funny! Even when your not feeling well, you have a great sense of humor!

I had my first sinus infection a couple weeks ago. Ugh. I hope you're feeling much better soon!