Basketball Holds So Many Hidden Joys

Watching Josh's team play basketball has become my new favorite pasttime. I look forward to those twice weekly game nights with glee. And because it's the way our family rolls, we're all there to watch and cheer. Luke has also decided that it can be one of the best nights of the week and watches games with great interest. Becky enjoys watching, but she's more interested in the people off the court than on.

And then there's Micah.

He loved the first game. There was running, and whistle blowing, and shooting, and cheering, and it was incredibly action packed. The second game he attended was more of a cheerfest (for anyone who scored) with boring times between. By the third game, he was so over basketball. We take iEntertainment for the boy because it allows us to watch the game without having to take Mr. I'm Really Bored to the bathroom every 4.2 minutes.

But he's been discovering all sorts of little fun things to love at games. Like halftime. At halftime, it's a free for all on the court and all the players' siblings grab a ball and start shooting. Micah is the first to stand up. Sadly, it's difficult for him to navigate the bleachers quickly so he's the last kid to the ball rack. Once he's on the court, he's not deterred by the fact that he knows absolutely nobody. He has enthusiasm any coach would be proud of, and even occasionally gets a ball through the hoop. He's got style, let me tell you.

That right there is pure awesomeness.

When the teams return from the locker room, Micah returns back to the bleachers and his iEntertainment, awaiting a chance to cheer wildly for any team that scores.

But tonight he discovered a whole new level of fun at the games. Tonight, the opposing team had cheerleaders. Enthralled is a descriptive word. He would be engulfed in iEntertainment, and once they started clapping, stomping, or chanting, he'd toss down his game and join in with the fun. I'm really glad they were on the opposite side of the court, because "joining them" would have been literal.

I fear future games for that boy will be quite disappointing. Most likely there will be no cheerleaders.

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Blogget Jones said...

I remember feeling the same about baseball, when my son started playing. I knew nothing about baseball, but I sure learned! My daughter was completely over it in short order. She found her joy there, too - ballparks have nachos.

:o) BJ