It's the Dog in Him

The weather has been unseasonably warm just about everywhere. Or, to quote the weather app, a "widespread warming" has taken over. I'm not hearing anyone complain about this, either. I do hear a lot of nothingness as people leave their computers sit quietly and go outside to enjoy the great outdoors. It's nice. I went biking twice this week, and it's mid March. It's not unusual for us to have snow at this point in the year, and even if not it's just too cold for a wimp like me to be biking. I could get used to living in a Southern climate.

Micah, too, is really enjoying the weather. Since it was nearly 80 degrees today (in mid March! Have I mentioned that yet?), I wound down the window in the Suzuki as we drove to town. (Yes, I wound down the window. If you don't know what that means, GET OFF MY LAWN. Also, try driving an old car sometime. Electronic Nothing was the only option offered.) When Micah saw that downed windows were in vogue again, he cranked his little arm faster than I thought possible. That boy has been trying to put his window down all winter long, with stern warnings to get it right back up immediately.

Micah is part dog, I swear. He cannot have a window down without having some part of him hanging out of it. Mostly his head. And (I kid you not) he puts his tongue out, too. But he's so happy, how can I tell him not to do that? Today as he gleefully put his head out the open window, he laughed. I'm not talking a giggle or a chuckle or even a belly laugh. No, Micah laughed a maniacal cackle that left no doubt that this was the new Thing, and he was declaring it His.

Hello, summer. In March.

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Gina said...

You definitely need to hang out the front window to get a photo of him hanging out the back.