Photographic Evidence of our Day

Micah has had a very good week at school. It's the first he's had an entire good week in over 2 months. I'm glad we're over THAT phase. For now. (I am not counting that one incident that landed him in time out for kicking someone who was too slow on the sliding board. One has to give a little leeway, given his propensity for being bad lately.) But apparently, being on your A Game in school really takes it's toll. Micah came home and before he even got comfortably stripped down to his boxers, he grabbed a puppy, sat in a comfy chair, and zoned for a good 5 minutes. Both Micah and the puppy were in 7th Heaven.

Dogs really are great for therapy.

And when I got my camera, he went all Lion King on the puppy. Poor thing.

He loves them immensely, though. See?

The boy didn't get to chill very long, though. Josh had a basketball game. I know for a fact that Micah was just worn out today because he didn't even get up to shoot hoops at half time.

I did, however, have to take his iEntertainment. Someone downloaded an air horn app, and Micah decided it would be really fun to blast that thing repeatedly. As if THAT wouldn't mess up the whistle blowing down on the court and confuse players. Sheesh. Whose kid is that, anyway?

And then the boy fell asleep on the way home from the game. While I'm all in favor of a kid napping when he's tired, Micah is the exception. A nap, especially at 5PM, would mean he'd be up until midnight.

I made Josh poke the beast, and then listened to whining in near meltdown mode for 15 minutes before I said, "THAT'S IT, IT'S BATH TIME, KIDDO." A bath will always calm the angered beast.

And yes, that pirate ship baths with him every time. It's been the awesomest. Also? I love having a nine year old that still plays in the bathtub.

After a bath, Micah was calmed enough to eat his dinner. And his afer dinner bowl of cereal. The kid is an addict.

Luke had a little fun with his dinner. He decided that he'd try out for a Got Milk? ad. The awesome thing about milk is that it's pretty good at looking commercial ready all on it's own without Photoshop help.

That was before he decided to make his mustache bigger, and instead dribbled it down his chin, creating a goatee. He gets his mad drinking skillz from his mother. I'll fully admit that. Mostly because I can't deny the stains on my shirt fronts.

And that's pretty much our after-school day. Say goodnight, Gracie!


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Cindy said...

Your puppies are so cute! I'm glad they helped calm Micah down. That's an awesome milk mustache!