The Recap of 9

Micah is officially 9 years old. According to him, he had the most perfect birthday ever. He spent the night at Grandma's, she took him to swimming class when he woke up, and then he came home and had a party with both sets of grandparents. In fact, his birthday was so awesome that he was content to stay at home when grandparents left and he didn't even try to go with.

On the contrary, after insisting that we all hold hands and pray, he literally pushed grandma and pappy out the door. The boy is just full of interesting.

Of all the awesomely fun gifts the boy got, it was a singing card that he loved the most. He opened that up and danced to it a dozen times that day. I love that my kids love the simple things.

Happy 9th birthday, my little man. We're so proud of you. In the past year, you've learned to drink from a cup and ditched the sippy cups (and even straws when you have to!), you're talking so much more (and we even understand some of it), you're so much more independent, you idolize your brothers and worship your sister, you love everyone unconditionally, you never fail to dance to whatever music is playing, and you're so quick to laugh that it truly brightens our day just having you around.

God was so good in blessing us with you, son. I simply cannot fathom what life would be like here if we didn't have the challenges you present to us daily. And yet, those challenges are nothing in comparison to the joy you provide us all.


Becoming Mommy said...

happy birthday, Micah!

Michelle said...

Happy 9th to Micah!

kari said...

Happy 9th Micah! And Mom-cause getting him to 9yrs old is as much a joy to him as it is a joy and challenge to you!!