The Sun Dims In Comparison

Micah loves shopping. I'd like to say that I taught the boy well, but I can't take credit for much of what that boy loves or knows. He's his own person, thankyouverymuch, and he'll make his own rules.

Today was a fun shopping day with the boy, and by fun I mean that he put everything that caught his eye in the cart after proudly showing it to me. The fact that I said, "No, we're not getting that. Put it back" didn't deter him in the least.

(Dear Target store employees, I am so sorry for randomly placing things on shelves where they do not belong. I know it makes your life difficult hunting these items down and putting them back where they belong, and you curse people who are so thoughtless as to just shove a stuffed Nemo fish behind the brownie mixes, or an oversized Thor hammer amongst the bath towels. Please know that I feel just awful about it, but sometimes it's the only way to avoid a complete and total meltdown in the store. Several times over.)

The very first thing that he placed in the cart was a pair of swimming trunks. The boy has at least 2 pair that fit him and needs not a third, but it was the color that caught my eye, just like it attracted Micah's. The bright orange was definitely noticeable. And noticeable with Micah is good. It's very good. When the boy wanders off, we are always incredibly grateful when he's dressed in something unusual or bright. He's just that much easier to find. (And sometimes "easier" is still a loose term.) These things could be spotted from half a mile away, even in the dark. I figured the $10 I was paying was not really for a third pair of swim trunks, but for security and peace of mind when the boy is swimming in public places. Like when we go to Florida later this spring.


And he so thoughtfully coordinated an orange shirt with them, too. And magenta beads. The boy knows style.

But here's the thing - while I thought those trunks were super awesomely bright in the store, they became an electric glowing homing device once they were home and actually on him. In reality, they look way more like this:

And that, my friends, is money well spent. He's happy, we're happy, and I can rest easier at night knowing that we'll never lose the boy as long as he doesn't lose his shorts.

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kari said...

love it! and the magenta beads? He's looking to start a new trend!!